Drum & Percussion Instruction

Beginners, Advanced and beyond...

I'm accepting drumming students of all levels that want the skills and knowledge of what it takes to be a professional or contented hobbyist. The areas of study that we can cover include:

  • hand technique and rudiments
  • grooves and ghost notes
  • independence and coordination
  • double bass drumming
  • basic hand percussion
  • understanding number charts

  • My goal is to get you where you want to go, whether it be a working pro or just fun playing with family or friends. Feel free to contact me to talk about your goals as a drummer and if might help you achieve them.

    Cell Phone| (615) 356-3498

    eMail | topskinfloor (at) yahoo.com


    "As I've made my way into drumming as a career, I've been able to look back and truly realize how important it was for me to begin with a solid foundation of technique. In order to obtain that it required a LOT of practice and a great teacher to help push me along. Throughout the years I studied with Michael Radovsky, he provided me with the tools I needed to develop my own style of playing while still focusing on the universal basics of time, groove, and stick-control. Having someone to guide you through that is invaluable, and Michael did that for me."
    -Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson)

    "It is rare to find incredible players who can effectively translate their knowledge and mastery of the drum kit as well as Mike Radovsky. His teaching style is very practical and hands on. He can make the most mundane of exercises very interesting, musical, and fun to play. I would highly recommend Mike to any player from a beginner to a seasoned pro!"
    -Chris Meece (Current student)

    "In the world of music... talent, musicality, reliability, and personality are all a must for success. Having toured all over the world I've seen it all and Mike is a true A list professional. Not to mention one of the most versitile drummers/musicians I've ever met. His commitment to providing musical opportunities for today's youth is a focal point in Mike's vision."
    -Tim Chewning (Richard Marx, John Michael Montgomery and many others)

    "Mike's teaching methods are great. Whether you're a novice or a pro Mike finds your strengths and weaknesses and helps you with both."
    -Trey Gray (Brooks and Dunn, Jewel. Currently with Ronnie Dunn)